Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Married in 2010 (Year Of Rabbit)

2011 the year of the Rabbit marks an exciting and auspicious year for marriage and love affairs. From the Good Feng Shui viewpoint, the 2010 rabbit year is a year that fills with love and peach blossoms.

2011 the year of Golden Rabbit will bring about a lot of good and progressive news. For those who are still in love, this will be a great time to settle down for a sweet family. There will be lots of couples moving into their new houses and plan for their marriages.

Getting married in 2011 will be auspicious as many couples may wish to have Dragon babies in the following year. It is believed that there will be lots of good and auspicious Qi showering the couple when they get married in the year of Rabbit.

Rabbit is Wood element and it is associated with progressive, growth, lively and healthy. Those who were born in the year of the Rabbit are smart, good looking, act fast and always looking forward to progressing to greater heights in their undertakings.

Choosing a good date for marriage will bring better fortune to both the couples and the two families involved, for instance to achieve healthier, wealthier and more harmony family. As a result, choosing the auspicious date becomes a very important matter in the wedding planning stage.

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