Sunday, October 24, 2010

Application Procedure of ROM in Malaysia

Procedure of ROM in Malaysia

Applicants are required to go to the National Registration Department (JPN) counter or Assistant Registrar Office with the following documents from both groom and bride:

1. Identity Card
2. Passport for foreign citizens
3. 1 coloured photo (32mm X 38mm)
4. Consensus form /licence (if applicable)
5. Birth certificate (for applicants 16-20 years old)
6. Death certificate (if applicable) Letter confirming marital status (single)

If divorced:
1. Letter confirming marital status after divorce (original)
2. Decree nisi for absolute divorce (original & photocopy)

* Normal Application will take 3 weeks to 4 weeks after the complete Form JPN.KCO2 and attach supporting documents are submitted. Check the payment fee from respective Offices. 

For more information about Registration of Marriage in Malaysia,
please visit National Registration Department

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