Monday, April 15, 2013

What If Your Wedding Have To Be Postponed?

During this General Election period, engaged couple that will be getting married might be in doubt or in panic mode. Almost everything is paid and ready for the Big Day.
However, many friends and family might be worried and said something that you would hate to hear and all the pressure is on because your wedding day is around the corner.
However, I can share some tips here especially those who are considering rescheduling their wedding event.

1. 'Chuck Mun' Day doesn't have to be the same day with wedding dinner day. It could be a day before, a day after or weeks before or after. We have seen wife got pregnant; they host their Wedding Dinner a year after their 'Chuk Mun' Day.

2. If really want to change 'Chuk Mun' date or Wedding Dinner date, seek for your 'Tong Shu' Master or your wedding planner advise. Do not put yourself in miserable mode by talking to your friends. Seek for professional help ASAP because they more experience and deal with many odd cases.

3. Some already booked their restaurant 1 year or 2 years earlier, and the Tong Shu is not issued yet that time. When the 'Tong Shu' is issued, the 'Tong Shu' Master will analyses if the dinner date is suitable for 'Chuk Mun'. If it is not suitable, he will try his best to get a date nearest or most convenient for the engaged couple and family. Couple must be well prepared to organize both wedding event separately.

4. However, not all couple can get married on certain years. We have rejected two engaged couple to let them get married due to Tong Shu not allowed it. If they insist, we suggest them to go find another 'Tong Shu' Master.

Last but not least, lucky enough if your fiance is by your side to support you. We have seen couple split and the wedding have to be call off.
Many couple are stress-out because of family pressure, financial issue, lack of time or others. When you are in such dilemma, most friends will only advise you or comfort you but the actions and decision still have to be done by yourself.

What my advise is, seek for professional help ASAP.
Wedding business is all about networking, if your vendor are not able to help you or reschedule on this case, means they do not have many contacts or other vendor/colleague to back-up them when they are not available.

I always tell my clients, you won't be worried if you have hired the right person to work for you.

Written By: SS2U Wedding Shop

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