Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guo Da Li List (Ceremony of Bethrothal) - Draft

In olden days, wealthy families will hire an experienced Chaperon Lady to prepare everything for them. Decent families shall prepare everything by their own from sewing own bridal dresses and pyjamas.

In modern days, the preparation process has been very tedious for working couples or parents. Still the custom must go on to continue the legacy passed on from generation to generations.

The Chinese Customary Betrothal Ceremony has been simplified. It is still subject to each families tradition, some will have even more/longer list and some maybe very simple or substituted version. However, below is the list of essential items for the Betrothal Ceremony but not limited to:

To Bring from Groom Side on Bethrothal Day
Two Pieces of Door Cloth
Two Pair of Dragon & Pheonix Candle
Two Bottles of Liquor / Wine
'Ping Kam' Angpow
Wedding Biscuits
Auspicious Food, Seeds, Grains & Sweets (For Hou Yu Tao)
Invitation Cards to invite the relatives of Brideside
Roasted Pig
A pair of Chicken
Some Traditional Angpows for Milk-Money, Uncles & etc

Bed-setting Set
Two Bottles of Orange Carbonated Drink
Face Towels for Elderly
Long Pants/Wallet/Belt for the Groom (Can be substituted with Pyjamas)
(Some items received from the groom side must be returned back to the groom side)

All items mentioned above is a basic list and for customized or further information, you are welcomed to visit SS2U (Something Special To You). We have a complete stuff for you to prepare everything under on-roof.

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